terrorist and terror

Acts that terrorise people, singularly or collectively, is terrorism, no matter what ideology or dogma one adheres to.  There is no nationality, or race, that it can lay claim or blame to.  Yet, it seems that any criminal act committed after 9/11, is solely applied to and/or reserved for Muslims.  In particular those violent acts carried out on western nations’ populations.  It is hardly ever applied to the ‘enlightened’ or ‘civilized west’ who unleash unspeakable torment upon Muslims including other faith based people of all ages in faraway lands.  It is puzzling and at the same time amazing how simple questions are not asked or even thought of; that we are to believe whatever our heads of states claim and not dare differ, even though deep down we know it’s all wrong.  The west’s intentions are benevolent.

The worlds’ presidents, prime ministers, royalty are beyond any hope and/or humanity; I am pretty sure their souls have abandoned them… after all what would want to reside in such a vessel?!  Just a couple of days ago the US president was not going to cease arms and munitions sales and delivery due to the jobs that would be lost for the everyday Americans.

I often wonder about the employees of these weapons manufacturers, those who justify the profits of keeping ‘x’ nation “safe” (whatever that means is who you ask).  Those creative geniuses at Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems, to name but a few, who come up with the ideas and designs.  The grease monkey’s and engineers who put the parts together and test them out for bugs upon execution. They absolutely know what each bolt and nut is capable of doing… how do these people stay normal?  What are they thinking when they see kids’ mangled limbs and bloody backpacks?  Are they just waiting and living for their measly paycheque?  How about those working in secret locations sitting behind a joystick guiding a drone to unleash unspeakable carnage and death upon innocent targets – be they wedding parties and funerals?

How about those depraved beings helping to refuel in mid-air the Saudi, Emirati, Qatari planes?  The people who give “exact” co-ordinates of the target… they must know.  They must!  How about the pilots, in particular the pilots who are ‘muslim’?  Do they really consider their job to be noble, their hard day’s work to be Halal?  Is this not terrorism?  Are these lot not even considered terrorists?

Conveniently there’s always a sensational story of ‘Islamic’ terrorism (whatever the hell that is) that has been meted out and allowed to run free upon a western city to distract.  The fiend is one who has been conveniently killed in a shoot out, and are always ‘known to the authorities’.  The ‘event’ is played and talked about over and over again for days, so we can’t forget, shamed into remembering, even if we wanted to forget.

And yet, the stories of the over 7 million lives snuffed out (let that staggering number soak in for a moment) since 9/11 aren’t allowed for any room in one’s head.  We are not allowed to know their names, how old they were, what they did for a living, what their dreams and aspirations were, nothing – they are huddled under the ‘collateral damage’ umbrella.  Last time I checked, a bomb is dropped every 7 minutes somewhere upon someone.  There are elderly, limbless, homeless, parent-less, loved one-less, people who are being murdered by the minute, and we are to believe all over 7 million are terrorists or wannabe’s?!

The suffering that’s happening “over there” is deliberately dressed up with clever excuses and out of our sight so we don’t tap into our emotions, grimace over what is being done for ‘freedom’ or our “security”.  “Over there” the extreme violence is insurmountable, constant and meted out in ways we do not, nor could possibly know.  And it is necessary to continue so we can get on with ‘our way of life’.

So let’s pick a few items of interest in the name of maintaining our way of life.

There are over 300 Palestinians along the Gaza “border” shot dead since March 2018.  It continues to this moment you read this and will continue – men, women, children, infants, journalists, medics, poets, maimed from previous assaults, and kite fliers.  That’s not including before March 2018, from when the Great March of Return began, and not outside of Gaza.  Over 14,000 maimed for trying to break free from the World’s Largest Open Air Prison.  No one knows about it, so it isn’t happening.  It is happening.  There are too many people out there to tell their truth, but their voices are being stifled, not allowed out.  But as soon as a member of the occupation is killed with a kitchen knife or screwdriver, the news boobs falls into attention and reports it.  And we are to feel sorry for the occupation that was killed, slapped, a medic caught on camera killing an already half dead unarmed ‘assailant’.  An insidious form of collective terrorism carried out by the world’s biggest terrorist cult for over 100 years, all supported by the world’s largest terrorist creator and funder on the planet.

Libya, once a bastion for African nations to look towards, is now a failed state.  Qaddafi held back extremists so they wouldn’t reach Europe – his words are now coming true.  Maybe this was the whole point.  After all, murder is indeed profitable.  This all came to an end when Qaddafi was killed in the most gruesome way, a video played for all to see. One just has to look at the way Hillary Clinton said cackling “we came, he saw, he died”.  The look on her face is truly twisted and revolting; and the real monsters were let loose wilfully.  This project was her prize to loot.  This terrorist is still walking the streets a free woman – if that is what a woman indeed is.

Syria was, and will be again, a free sectarian state.  It wasn’t long ago Bashar Al-Assad was greeted by the Queen of England  (God save her).  It was not to be long lived.  As with all nations, it had its own internal issues, but that was for the Syrians to overcome.  As with so many failed ‘adventures’ this one has seen millions butchered, erased, held hostage, displaced and made into refugees.  The US, UK, Zionist occupation leaders, France, and some of the Arab “allies” now thirst for Syrian oil at the cost of Syrian blood.  He’s made into a demon who wants nothing more than to kill his people when a particular part of his occupied land is liberated.  It’s almost laughable, if it weren’t for all the lives that have been cut short and/or traumatized.  No one notices Syria gets dropped out of the ‘news’ every now and again until it’s conveniently brought back in.

By the way, does anyone know about the illegal American occupation upon Syrian soil – the 10 bases being constructed on Syrian land?  Anyone know why the Zionist medics are patching up the supposedly hated IS (a US and their “allies’ funded and equipped outfit) and spitting them back out to fight their “war”?

The Yemeni slaughter: with the help of the US, the Saudi, Qatari and Emirati friends are starving, torturing (here) and killing the poorest nation on earth.  Over a million have cholera, nearly all are living off of aid; there is a land, air and sea blockade and nothing “humanitarian” is getting in, not even words.  The latest inconvenient Saudi blunder was a bombed school bus carrying kids back from a summer camp. Over 50 were killed, 40 of them children ranging from 6 to 16 years old.  The bomb fragments recovered from the decimated school bus were manufactured and sold by Lockheed Martin to their royally criminal Saudi buddies. I waited to hear of this wretched act of vicious barbarism, but nothing; not a word spoken or written to date, even at the time of this writing.  It happened on August 9th.   Pictures and videos of the small mangled innocent bodies and grieving families are online, along with the justification uttered by the US and the Sauds, should anyone want to know and see.  These little people had names, friends, people who loved them, cared for them; they had some reprieve from the carnage, and smell of death around them, sort of hope after coming back from a camp they surely enjoyed.  And this is just one gruesome act in a sea of too many committed since 9/11, in the name of…. whatever.

Every single one of these miserable people has a choice to pick up a gun, strap on a round of ammo.  They have a choice to break down a door that scares the living shit out of the inhabitants in the middle of the night.  Everyone has a choice to stick a rifle in the face of a child at a checkpoint or on their way back from school (here), to taunt a grieving mother about her infant burnt alive by the colonizers of Palestine (here), and most recently to kill 12 year old Mohammed al-Durrah – the boy who carried alcohol bottles and oxygen masks to help his sisters attend to the wounded during the Great March of Return protests (He was also the one who cleverly innovated taping a raw onion to his face to counter tears induced by tear gas delivered by the “most moral army in the world). Everyone has a choice not to enlist in an army, navy – let’s call it what it is a terror camp – that terrorises, tortures and kills for profit.

Everyone has a choice to be a terrorist and inflict their form of terrorism upon another. What will it take to make the right choice?

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