hypocrisy rolls on

The American political establishment has done it again: threatened a country and its cultural sites with annihilation after they assassinated Qasem Soleimani of Iran and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis of Iraq.  They had “warned” the Iranians of severe consequences if there was any retaliation on any US occupier; if they even try to defend their airspace, their land, their people.  But it’s no biggie to do it to the Iranians; to create and fund “rebels” and situate these “rebels” at their doorstep; to have the anti-semitic and racist apartheid Zionist regime continuously antagonize, threaten, goad, and kill Iranians in Syria and even in Iraq.  It’s no sweat to steal Syrian, and now Iraqi, oil.  It’s even ok to bar Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, from attending a UN Security Council meeting, and then claiming that his visa application was not received on time.  But dare the Iranians even get up and defend themselves, ha! That is not tolerated,  by the world’s last ‘superpower’.  I say last because after their fall – and they will fall as all ‘empires’ do – there just may be peace and calm.  It appears that the only ones who are divined the right, any rights, to “defend their right” to ‘exists’, ‘retaliate’, are the Americans occupying the world with their over 900 bases, the Zionist regime occupying Palestine, the over-bloated ‘princes’ of the Saud clan occupying al-Hejaz.  Everyone else can go to…

Hell, but the Iranians did retaliate and with precision.  They showed those who issue threats that they will not be threatened.  And now around 50 ‘boots’ now ‘service members’ (because ‘boots’ just does not have the human touch, does it…) are suffering from ‘brain injury’.  Is this supposed to make the rest of the world hate the Iranians …more?  Well, how about the over 20 million that have been murdered by the US alone since World War II?  Is the rest of the world supposed to shower praises over this good work?  20 million less people to feed, house, provide medical care and education to?  Yes, God Bless America, indeed.

A Million Man March commenced on January 24th in Iraq.  The theme was “America Get Out”.  The US chief clown has dug the occupation’s hooves in deeper, claiming that ‘his troops’ are not leaving unless they are paid to leave.  Brilliant.  What many don’t know is this was actually proposed to, demanded of, the Iraqi government, months before Soleimani was assassinated, as this is all business to the 6 time bankrupt business man.  And be sure this payout to leave would not have gone to any American in America; it would have gone into someone else’s pockets…just like it always does: to the arms industry, the Zionist apartheid occupation, but not to the public, no.  The Americans are rewarded by having more social services cut, including the food stamps program that feeds over 700,000 people.

Back to the Million Man March, which turned out to be unlike anything anyone has seen in the Middle East in a long time.  I have to ask the troops who are still there, stuck there, not allowed to leave because …well they are not allowed to leave:  Where is your dignity?  Where is your self-respect?   I have come up with this scenario to dumb it down for you ‘service members’:  You are invited to a fabulous dinner, have had a great evening full of jokes, reminisced about days gone by, and the time has come that your hosts now wants you to leave, to clean up and go to bed.  But you refuse to leave.  You want to stay a little longer, use their bathroom, watch their television, smoke up a few, reminisce a little bit more.   At this point your host asks, demands, you to leave.  But you stay saying you’re not moving unless you get paid for the time you spent at their home… time is money right?… Sound ridiculous?  Do you get it?

So I am left wondering:  Are you not embarrassed that you are in the Iraq – the entire middle east actually – where you are told to leave, where the people and government have voted you to get out completely, and even have marched in the streets protesting you occupation of their lands?!  Have you ‘servicemen and women’ ever asked yourselves the real questions like ‘why am I really here?’  Do you know you are only there to guard and steal another peoples’ resources for someone else’s profit?  It’s not even for your own, in-your-pocket profit!   Pompeo openly claimed with a chuckle “We lied. We cheated. We stole.”, with no consequences to him.  He is doing so today, not only to the reporters who do not question him, but to you all who have now suffered ‘brain injuries’ as well.  You are doing the bidding for a bunch of criminals who have used American blood (a nations treasure apparently) for war mongers! War criminals!  That makes you accomplices, murderers, torturers, killers!

So let’s move on a little bit.  There is a video out there that has a sniper assassinating the US commander-in-chief.  Any video of this sort, yes, is repugnant, even if it is aimed at the most repugnant.  But this is the violence American violence spreads.  This is only video.  But – and there is always a ‘but’ – this type of thing happens all the time in the Zionist occupied Palestine to people of all ages at the hands of the ‘most moral army in the world’ (who is also now the most ‘vegan’ one) and their extremist settler colonizers; to Syrians at the hands of IS who we all know is a Saudi funded/Zionist patched up terrorist gang, and who the US administration calls ‘rebels’; it is happening to the Iraqis, the Rohingya, the Somalis, Sudanese, Congolese, Pakistanis, to Yemenis, to the people under the brutal dictatorship of Egypt’s al-Sisi and the Sauds, and the list goes on.  Not a single word is heard from the talking heads in the mainstream media other than the talking points they are provided by the US information police.  This video just got played out in real life not even a couple of days into the New Year (what a way to start a New Year!), and all the ‘civilized’ worlds leaders are saying, claiming with glee, that Soleimani deserved it, that he was the “monster”, “killed thousands of American civilians”.  The mainstream media have turned what the ‘civilized west’ does and claiming that it was Soleimani and all the “mullahs” of Iran who are going around on a killing spree and they just had to be stopped!  That it was… that it is the Iranians terrorizing entire populations through economic sanctions and embargoes!  The mainstream media knows, that it is the USA who is terrorizing, and some, the rest of the planet’s people, life and land!  Their defense of Soleimani’s and Muhandis’ assassination is giving the Trump’s of this world two thumbs up, support that he did the right thing – high five, my man! – that the ‘service member’ sitting in an undisclosed location thousands of miles away,  who fired the drone, did the right thing!  Soleimani was not a singular ‘monster’ created out from nothing, who appeared out of the Arabian desert, with no one affiliated with or to him.  This man was a father, an uncle, cousin, brother, husband, friend to so many, including the Americans!  What would you, oh Americans, do?  What does one expect to get when an occupation ruins life for so many others on the planet?  Headaches and 50 ‘brain injuries’ are nothing in comparison to what Americans have dished out.

Everyone has a choice.  You, who sat behind the joystick, had a choice.  Your buddies who willfully stay ignorant and be the dutiful son of their nation, who occupy lands and seas in the name of “national interest/security/freedom/freedom of navigation/democracy/’israel’”, all of you have a choice to be thinkers, to think, to wake up, to really be someone other than the terrorist that the world now sees you as.  The Million Man March is Iraqi population rising to their feet.  When will you all rise up?  If you do not want a headache, grab your bags, the shred of dignity and integrity you may have left and take the next ship, plane, car, bike, walking stick, out.  You have a choice!

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