designed to be rejected

There is silence in the mainstream media about the “deal of the century” that was finally delivered by Trump and Netanyahu a little over a week ago.  There was nothing new to this 80 page ‘deal’; many in the Middle East had reviewed it months ago and rejected it.  The same ‘deal’ was presented to the Palestinian Authority back in 2011/2012 and was rejected back then as well.  Not a single leader of any Palestinian faction was present.  All in attendance were of and for the Zionist Lobbies and ‘friends’ of Zionism.  This was just a confirmation that there would be absolutely nothing to offer the Palestinians, only to take more from them.  A ‘take it or not, you don’t matter’ script was read out dutifully by the President of the United States for Zionism.  It suffices to say that deals are not made in this manner. In short, it was a ‘deal’ designed to be rejected.

This press conference only confirmed that the apartheid entity occupying all of Palestine was not, and never was, interested in peace.  That the ‘two-state solution’ was a charade to prolong the occupation, to steal more and more of Palestine, and of course build more colonies to house armed settlers.  The ‘international community’, the undoubtedly defunct UN, all those who wanted to believe and thoroughly bought into the charade, played along.  Both Trump and Netanyahu shattered that illusion, happily.

Then there was Jared Kushner’s remarks on CNN: how the Palestinians are “going to screw up another opportunity, like they’ve screwed up every other opportunity that they’ve ever had in their existence”.  For anyone who had any interest to hear or read what the past opportunities were, including this one, would agree:  no one in their right mind would not ‘screw up another opportunity’.

If this ‘opportunity’ were offered to the Jews of the Holocaust, would they accept it or ‘screw it up’?  Would they accept a bunch of Bantustans or neighbourhoods as their de facto state all under the watchful eye of their occupier?  Would anyone ‘screw up’ and accept not being allowed their own sovereignty, governance, military, police, anything that even resembles their security; not allowed to have their own water, ‘electromagnetic fields’, their sea, their own income from the natural gas resources, rights to build a home, a family, an educated society, an employed people, to move around freely?  How about not allowed any form of justice inside their borders (wherever they may be, as the ‘state’ would still be under occupation of the Zionist regime) and from war crimes committed upon them by their occupier?  How would they, the Jews of the Holocaust have dealt with an ‘opportunity’, like the one presented today, back in 1918?  Would Netanyahu, Greenblatt, the settler colonizers of Palestine, accept it or just ‘screw up (this) opportunity’?

So, both Trump and Netanyahu’s speech was a full-on confirmation of what Golda Meir claimed: there is no such thing as a Palestinian.  In 8 words, Gold Meir erased any notion that a Palestinian ever existed, was alive or dead.  In her eyes, only those who suffered the Jewish Holocaust were worthy of being considered alive, tortured, incarcerated, brought to starvation.  Worthy of being freed.  Those who made it out alive were the only ones to inherit the rights to claim another people did not exist.  Ever.

Incredibly and astoundingly breathtaking.

A great piece by the great Gideon Levy, asks “Has Israel proven itself in the half century of occupation?”.  Why yes, they have proven themselves, not only in “half a century”, but a century and some.  They have proven to be the perpetual victim, even before they were the victims; to be the perpetual infant suckling on the teat of anyone and everyone.   They have proven themselves to be the only ones with a ‘right to return to’ a land they briefly lived upon some thousands of years ago.  Proven that it is only they who have the right to defend themselves against rockets, schools, students and a school curriculum, books, soccer players, music, poets, ingenious engineers, shepherds, goats, olive groves, oranges, dates, kites and balloons.  Yes, kites and balloons.  That they have the right to ‘defend themselves’, to exist, to kill and harvest organs, to torture, to incarcerate, to use white phosphorus, to spray vomit-inducing skunk water on houses and people alike, to detain whenever and whoever they please, no matter how old or disabled they are.  They have proven the need of the worlds’ taxpayers’ monies to survive and occupy; that they cannot stand on their own two hooves at the UN when criticism is aimed their way.  What they have proven is to be architects of a perfected and debased form of apartheid that put South Africa’s machinations to shame.  And now they will continue to do mete it out freely with Kushner’s and King Trump’s blessing.

Now is the time to categorically and intimately Boycott the longest living most brutal occupation in history.  Now is the time to speak out against their perfected apartheid operation and occupation freely without fear.  Now is the time to claim what they truly are:  An anti-semitic racist apartheid occupation.

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