Spitting – low and repugnant!

The zionist apartheid occupation stoops even lower in my eyes – if that were even possible.  Spitting on Palestinians and their supporters is a sport to these decrepit lot, even before the coronavirus was unleashed upon the world.  But now that all the world’s eyes have been diverted from the occupation, turned away from the hideous, brutal and downright ugly occurrences meted out upon the Palestinians, the occupation settlers and well… pretty much everyone who despises the sight of a Palestinian, are free to do as they please. 

If my most inner thoughts could be put into voice, the end of this ugly occupation would have been so 7 decades ago.  

Please do check out this link as well: https://www.palestinechronicle.com/spreading-the-virus-of-occupation-spitting-as-a-weapon-in-the-hand-of-colonial-israel/

The following was reported in the Middle East Monitor

Israel settlers spitting on Palestinian cars raises concern over attempt to spread coronavirus

Israeli settlers have been accused of trying to spread the coronavirus in Palestinian neighbourhoods by spitting on cars in a West Bank village.

Residents of the village of Beit Iksa, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, reported the shocking incident last week of Israeli settlers spitting on vehicles travelling into and out of the village which is surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements.

Speaking to Palestinian WAFA news agency residents described how settlers from Ramot settlement, build on land belonging to Beit Iksa in violation of international law, stood at the entrance to the village and started to spit on Palestinian cars entering or leaving the village in an attempt to spread the coronavirus.

A group of youths from the village are said to have confronted the settlers and forced them to leave the area and then disinfected the road and cars.

Coronavirus spreading in the Middle East - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

Ramot settlement has reported 17 cases of coronavirus out of its overall population of 550 people. Settlers from Ramot are notorious for harassing local Palestinians. They are often seen vandalising cars belonging to Palestinian and spraying racists slogans on their properties.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing Israeli soldiers intentionally and repeatedly spitting at cars, walls and doorsteps. In one instance the image of an Israeli soldier spitting on a car was captured on video.

Fearing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Palestinians rushed to sterilise the places which the soldiers spat at following their withdrawal.

Israel is one of the hardest hit in the region by the coronavirus. One town affected by the pandemic is believed to have a 38 per cent infection rate which prompted the government to seal the territory. With over a million jobless, the country’s unemployment rate jumped 527 per cent last week.

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