pre-drawn conclusions

I have been utterly heartbroken, unequivocally sad for a long time.  It’s over so many things, but in particular, the Julian Assange (show/sham) trial that came to a close a couple of weeks ago.  A rushed close that has not drawn a single “journalists” attention to the mainstream media; the very people this particular trial should be concerned for the consequences to them.  Their silence has been deafening to say the least.

This political trial has been a tragic travesty unfolding from day one.  Make no mistake it is political and its conclusions are pre-drawn indeed.    The charade, this play, where the actors on the prosecutions’ side (including the presiding magistrate) are all on the US political payroll, it is hard not to see what is going on here:  this sham trial from the start is to make the prisoner/suspect/truth teller, the witnesses, the pubic (all 5 of them), the supporters, the whole lot of them to throw their hands up in the air and scream ‘ I GIVE UP!’.

Julian Assange’s treatment from the moment he was dragged out from the Ecuador embassy, shoved into the police van with the numerous police puppets, made to be housed with the most violent criminals at Belmarsh Prison.  The US regime hoped he would take his own life while in solitary confinement. They did not know his resilience

Unable to be a participant in his own hearing, it has been a blatant eye opener for those who really cared to see, to watch, to read.  The UK has been a puppet to the US regimes. Even Vanessa Baraister, who is only a magistrate (not judge!), is at the bottom, the dregs, of the ‘judicial’ system, who, as John Pilger accurately calls a “gothic looking creature”.   This chapter of lawlessness is on stage to portray fairness and equality to the world, that the US regime is the most democratic and above all other nations.  But it is they – the real supporters of dictatorships and terrorists of the world – who had drawn up the scripts for the “gothic looking creature” to read out.

Evil is being whitewashed, torture being fluffed off, and killing innocent people by the millions are apparently of no significance or consequence to those who commit the most ghoulish of crimes against their very own species!  The irony: the very people who grip the baton of freedom (to slander, torture, and slaughter whomever they wish), human rights (abusers), democracy (as long as it is their inverted version) and yes, exceptionalism (imaginary at best), are the very people who abuse, murder, degrade, humiliate, lie cheat and steal, carte away and untold number of unknowns to ‘secret’ prisons dotted all over the globe, then walk away as if it is their right. 

Do they not know that karma is a wicked, hideous bitch? 

It is so heart wrenchingly miserable that no one cares to know about what is willfully being done to Julian Assange, in broad daylight no doubt.  He has shone the light upon the dark side!  Yet if the light were shone upon Bashar Al-Assad, or Maduro, or Xi, it’s worth the time, a look, a gasp, a ‘we need to drop bombs on the civilians to save their lives from that wicked dictator!’.

Too many people have benefitted from Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  But when it and he became too inconvenient and embarrassing, he was dropped. 

Julian Assange is now awaiting his pre-drawn conclusion to be delivered by the “gothic looking creature” that is already pre-drawn.  And it is depressing.

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