Palestinian Youth with Hemophilia Tortured in Israeli Prison

Comment: The “only democracy in the middle east” and “most moral army in the world” is at it again. Did the torture, bloodletting, organ harvesting, terrorism and terrorising of people of all ages, the deception and treachery ever cease?

Despite being hemophilic, Qassem Baghdadi, 20, was tortured in Israeli prisons.

A Palestinian youth who suffers from hemophilia was tortured during interrogation at the infamous Israeli detention center in West Jerusalem, known as the Russian Compound, today said the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

Qassem Baghdadi, 20, from Amari refugee camp in Ramallah, told PPS that while he was held at the Russian compound for two days, he was beaten on the limbs and suffered bleeding in the knees.

Baghdadi was detained for 21 days, most of which he spent at Ofer military and detention camp near Ramallah.

During this time, he was transferred three times to hospitals in Israel following a deterioration in his health.

An Israeli military court ordered to release Baghdadi last night on a 2100 Israeli shekel ($640) bail and was immediately taken to hospital in Ramallah.

This article first appeared on Palestine Chronicle

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