It’s time to wake up!

Comment: Most have been fearful of an inevitable end that was not to come. Life does come to an end, and unfortunately it is not in our control when that end will occur, but it is part of life. So why are we made to fear it? Why are we letting our “leaders” (sic) rob us of our life, our religion or non-religion, our cultures, our family and friends, our livelihoods, our life? We need to wake up and shake off the fear. We need not to become human lab rats. We need to trust our air we breathe, our bodies that know better than foreign injected concoctions made to do absolutely nothing but become dependent upon them or worse, cause death by a truly horrible means.

Those who choose to stay asleep, it’s their choice, their right not to leave their “places of residence” that have effectively become their own prisons as they are themselves their own prison-guards. They want to believe that a “vaccine” will save them need to ask themselves that if this were the case, why is it every single year a flu shot is administered? If the majority or even half get the flu shot, would the flu not be eradicated by now? Clearly this is not the case so why are people getting it?

Common sense is all it takes. Critical thinking, even in the simplest of things needs to be employed.

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