It’s Time To Wake Up!

Comment: we have become prisoners in our own homes and cities and are also our own prison warden. We are told we cannot practice our faith, cannot go to school, cannot go to work, cannot mingle with our friends, cannot play in the park with our friends, cannot see our family, and have to be suspicious that our good neighbours will snitch on us if we are seen to be visiting a family member who has returned after 4 months abroad who is alive and well. We are told that we are infectious when we are ‘asymptomatic’. We are told we are sick even if we are healthy. We are rendered afraid to pass by anyone without gripping the wall out of fear we might catch something. We are asked to no longer think critically. And we are told our kids can essentially kill their elderly loved ones. There is truly something wrong and we are letting it happen.

Wake up! If this is the ‘new normal’…. Keep it to yourselves! Apply it to yourselves. I want no part of it. I don’t ‘stand together apart’ with you. I am not ‘in this together’ with you.

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