“We Are All In This Together”

I see these signs on shuttered storefront windows, and homes alike.  I hear people, friends and family alike, say that small business owners, people living on the streets, others going hungry and distressed, will “get over it” because “we’re all in this together”.  Words said without any feeling or insight to what “get over it” means to the other.  The sheer and blatant destruction on this is scale seems to be worth it in the long run, even if that ‘long run’ is a year or two, or unknowingly longer, from now.


I’m not “in this together” with anyone who thinks a child as young as 5 years old can harm or kill their grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, and school teachers with laughter, hugs, kisses, play through touching (i.e. tag, play wrestling) and essentially breathing.  Those who believe healthy children and adults alike can cause the elderly or other healthy individuals to become gravely ill, are completely ignoring the fact that our natural immune systems are robust from since our birth up until today.  To think that we are deadly disease carriers, cannot fight off illness, and pass on an illness we may or may not have, is to believe we are walking death traps, timebombs waiting to wipe out an entire country.

We are being led off a cliff by government and media alike.  When and how did it come to the point where obscure and unheard of ‘medical experts’ and ‘top doctors’ have been given the authority to pontificate who can do what, when, where, for how long, and with whom?  When did we begin to put our unshakable trust and faith in the political body and talking heads, who have lied and obfuscated truths in the not so distant past?  They allow and advocate censorship of those who go against the narrative.  We wait to hear these people talking at us, frightening us into submission with their modelling and case numbers of the day, and what could possibly happen in 2 weeks time if we don’t obey the guidelines laid out.  At the same time over 10,000 real physicians seeing real patients, with real degrees, real number of years practicing in their field, and world renowned experts to be considered ‘right wing’, ‘Nazis’, ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘medical hacks’, essentially people sentencing their populations to their doom.  It is quite a feat of political and journalistic gymnastics being performed. 

I’m not “in this together” with anyone who can’t see or hear the double speak:  ‘do your part, stay apart’, ‘stay home to save lives’, ‘stand together by standing apart’, all the beyond Orwellian speak,  pumped out with images accompanying them in order to keep a population docile, frightened and compliant.

Signs up on school entrance windows that read “KEEP PHYSICAL DISTANCE” and “AVOID CLOSE COMMUNICAITON AT ALL TIMES” seems pretty terrifying to a small child.  Is this the message we are relaying to the kids – no talking, no playful pushing and shoving, no whispering or laughing, no more being a kid otherwise you’ll die and take whoever you love with you? Schools are supposed to be an open invitation to learning, being, believing, socialising and growing. Children need their peers to relate to, talk to, be friends with, to explore imaginations with, to draw and build with, to build self-esteem and develop life long social skills with such as cooperation, problem solving and autonomy.

And yet we are moving towards an online/digital schooling and society that is completely incompatible with humans as social beings.  We are intrinsically social.  Children need to hear their teachers voices complete with nuances in their voice and face, signals such as smiling, direct eye contact and praise.  These signals build confidence and encourage kids to move forward, become and stay engaged, and strive to be and do better. Without them, a generation of dumbed down, unimaginative individuals are being created.  We are putting up a wall in front of these children that will be impossible for them to climb over. 

This is not to say that homeschooling or online schooling is not right or good; but it is not for every child.  Even those who are homeschooled attend co-op courses their parents cannot teach (French, Maths, English, Sciences, etc).  They sign up for extra-curricular activities to be part of something bigger than their books, computers, home, siblings and parents.  There are teachers who say ‘this is awesome, I love teaching from home’, but they are not thinking beyond themselves; they are ignoring children and their needs.

As adults, we also need their peers to bounce ideas off of, let off steam, to feel part of the organization. The only thing that seems to connect us is facetime on a screen, and if the video is actually turned on.  New hires cannot be properly trained remotely, no matter what devices and aides are put into place and provided.  There is always the need to know one is doing the right thing by physically being with people, talking it out.  Absence of others builds suspicions of colleagues, instead of building trusting relationships so there is no fear of judgement and reprisals.

Minor ailments such as dermatological issues can be easily diagnosed online. A picture can and in most cases will do, and if the resolution is good enough, it can be diagnosed online.  But major ailments and issues like a lump in the breast or near the spine, diabetes and cholesterol management, catching issues that can lead to cancers, hearing loss, etc. are in need of hands on practice.   Dental issues and treatments such as root canals, cavities, thrush, and infections in the teeth and gums that travel into the ear and/or down the throat… these cannot be diagnosed online with a quick 15 minute call, billed at $75.  Cancelled surgeries where the backlog will now take up to 3.5 years to clear.  What if you’re long gone by the time you’re next in the queue?  What if that backlog takes longer than 3.5 years – because it’s just an estimated time?  What if you had to pull your own tooth out due to the excruciating pain you’d been dealing with for 2 weeks, 2 months, the entire year?  Medical practitioners, even during the “Spanish” flu, yellow fever, Ebola and leprosy, were all looked at in person… when did medical and dental practitioners become so afraid to do their jobs?  When did PPE become part of all staff in a doctor’s offices?  Before March 2020, I do not recall my own doctor wearing a mask, donning gloves when listening to my heart, looking at my tonsils or into my ear, and sanitizing hands, pen, keyboard, the doorknob, constantly before and after I left. 

I have heard the argument ‘the intentions are good’ too many times with respects to wearing a mask.  The argument is “the mask protects you from me if, in case, I’m sick”…. because we are asymptomatic.  Wait.. What?!  Now healthy people may be contagious because we are told that we can potentially be disease carriers, symptoms or not?!  If you are ‘asymptomatic’, it means no symptoms, which means you have nothing to pass on.  And when did anyone ever go out when they were sick?  I don’t ever recall having the energy to leave my bed when/if I were sick.  But to slap on a mask because I might be contagious of something i maight or might not have?! Really? But to breathe back CO2 is more harmful and can cause indeed infections in the lungs, and incubate viruses that your body is in the process of fighting off, not to mention the plastic microfibers breathed in, is ok and a protection?!   Masks keep the germs, minor and major, trapped in the nose and throat and have the potential to be disastrous to the health on all levels, not to mention environmentally. And yet people exercise, run or ride a bike, kids playing, people talking to another with them on.  There are now conclusive studies on how masks and ‘social distancing’ do not work, yet the mainstream media and our politicians – who are quick to discredit renowned experts – ignore this.  So the control through guilt and coercion continues.  People, children in particular, are afraid to remove their mask, they are afraid to get too close to others; passerby’s hug the walls or cross the street if they don’t see mask on the other persons face.  The psychological ramifications will be astounding – all because we are guilted through ‘good intentions’.  We are already seeing the ramifications of these measures today.

Then there’s the gene-editing inoculation touted as a vaccine, which is not by any stretch a ‘vaccine’, not even in the scientific sense of a vaccine.  The FDA (as defunct as they are) with its over 1700 employees who will not approve these emergency use authorised concoctions – so the emergency authorisation will continue. People are lining up to ‘get the jab’ to ‘protect others’ because ‘it’s the right thing to do’, when even the manufacturers have clearly claimed their injections do not protect from transmission, does not protect from contracting it again, does not even cure the illness, and in the same breath claim 95% efficacy.  Efficacy of what? Compliance? The pharma profits that are now at $19.3 billion in less than a year?  Government kickbacks?  This is an injection that has not been tested on animals, not gone through rigorous trials and safety precautions by the pharmaceutical companies.  The same pharmaceutical companies who have been mired in lawsuit after lawsuit for decades, who make such unbelievable bold claims, and suddenly everyone develops ‘good intentions’ to become lab rats, mice and ferrets.  A little over a year ago these same people could not be bothered to get the flu shot to protect others, let alone themselves (which it does not even do that, otherwise they wouldn’t be taking it year after year, and the flu would be eradicated)!  This coercion by guilt from our so-called leaders is criminal. 

An entire population has been imprisoned to certain degrees – the now normalized term foisted upon a supposedly free population:  “lockdown”.  We are asked to be a prisoner, keep our families imprisoned and be personal prison wardens.  Be sure, lockdown is a prison term to control the unruly prison population.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Since when did both healthy and sick people become unruly prison populations that need to be brought under control?  What is most disturbing is that there are a large section of society who believe in ‘lockdowns’ work! Just another few months will work, or essentially until these leaders deem we are no longer the unruly prisoner. Governmental ‘Stay at home orders’, ‘lockdowns’ are control measures, and words like ‘safe’ and devices such as ‘masks’ are meant to cause distrust in our fellow citizens; to snitch on our neighbours and friends, remove us from our terminally ill or elderly loved ones, forget about the trivial things such as funerals, birthday parties, dinners… everything!  All that is allowed is one hour of exercise, go into work (at an office, if absolutely necessary, otherwise at home or “remote”), go out for groceries and nothing else, to control our movement in almost every facet of our lives….Indeed if this is not prison, I do not know what is.  All this to contain or even wipe out a virus that even the corrupt WHO has claimed is no more dangerous than influenza?  No virus, not even the common cold (a corona virus) or the flu have been eradicated, and these kill or have killed exponentially more people than this new old virus!  If ‘lockdowns’ indeed worked, we would be back in school, work, attending parties/weddings/funerals alike, having lunch/brunch/dinner/coffee with whom and how many people we wanted, attending religious services and functions, etc. from June 2020.  I write this at the end of May 2021, almost one year since.  At first we were told it would take 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”.  How many weeks are in 2 weeks?  The Canadian government has gone to lengths to perpetuate this ‘pandemic’ and had even brought forth a bill to suspend elections during a pandemic as it was deemed irresponsible.  Our government does not care about its population – I dare say it actually hates us.  It wants us to quiet and compliant, pay our taxes for services that are essentially shut down.  One does not question where are taxes are going . Let me be frank – they are a paycheque for those who are content with keeping you imprisoned and increasing their own paycheque by 20% at least.

Any imam, priest, pastor, rabbi, monk, or any other religious or scholarly figure, who believes in shutting down houses of worship to prevent the spread of asymptomatic disease and infection through congregation and listening to sermons, has lost their belief in God. One can argue that close contact is the crux of the issue. I say the crux of the issue is keeping people away from each other, from talking to one another and figure out this is really part of the breakdown of social society and religious freedom and practice and traditions.  All faiths teach us that were an illness to reach us, this is what was intended; that it is an expiation of sin, and we, as God’s creation, will pull through, stronger for it, if God wills it.  And were death to come to collect our souls, we cannot hide from it – not under our beds, in our closets, nowhere… even if we hold our breath so the angel of death doesn’t find us.  Where are these words of wisdom today?  They are truly absent.  All of our religious leaders and figures are compliant for fear of getting caught practicing their right to religion. Some have gone to lengths and have equated this man made situation to the plague.  It would be a joke were it not so devastatingly serious.

With all this said, it has become clear to me those who seem to be in charge of this disastrous ‘event’ want us to be content with being dumb, lazy and out of physical and mental shape, religiously devoid of any direction, on the brink of poverty and dependent on government for handouts, addicted to their mind numbing/genetically altering drugs and other pharmaceuticals to get through it all.  And good news, if the current drugs don’t work, more damaging, mind and body numbing drugs and concoctions will be forth coming.… all to keep us “in this together”.

A last thought I will leave you with:  were this virus so deadly, why is there a recovery rate of above 99%?  It defies the clinical name we have all but erased from our minds:  SARS2 – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and ‘2’ because it is a variant from SARS1 (2003), H1N1 – another variant from SARS1, MERS – another variant of SARS1… etc.  We need to quit being afraid and start thinking, critically, instead of following what our incompetent criminal politicians are demanding of us.  If we are in anything together, it is to free ourselves, our neighbours, our minds from this control that is taking place all under the guise of a deadly virus that is not.  To perpetuate the dictates of sociopaths, we need to believe their lies, be mired in guilt and thus coercion of masking and distancing mandates, to be injected with unproven ineffective inoculations, all to make a chosen few others richer? 

“We Are All In This Together”?  No thanks.  Count me out.

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