Terra Carta and A Green New World

By Kate Wand

Comment: The very beings who got obscenely rich by ignoring decades of warnings about climate change, and raping the planet for their own gains, want you to believe they finally care; that only they are creative and intelligent enough to do anything about it, the crisis they rah-rah’d over.

Be sure, they do not give a second thought about anything that would benefit people or planet. And if they do, it’s only about and for themselves and their own benefit. They hate the rest of humanity because they are devoid of humanity. They have put themselves above you, and believe only they are smarter than God.

“Covid” was their stepping stone – to see how long they can frighten people into one place, limit movement, limit assembly, erase religious freedoms and family ties, and become our own prison wardens. They know that those who indeed bought into the fear that played out day and night over the “news”, will now turn their sights on each other for the air each one of us breathes. Life will become a commodity unattainable.

Please watch. It’s 17 minutes you will not regret to have spent.

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